The Foundation Training Center Facility 

Coach Justin Colburn (Middle)

Coach Shane Colburn (Right)

Coach Justin Colburn (Middle)

Coach Josh Copeland (Right)


MMA Training in Littleton


Our mission at The Foundation Training Center is to provide high quality Mixed Martial Arts mma classes in Littleton so nobody is left without an effective means of self defense. We live in a dangerous world and if a fight chooses you for no good reason, do you possess the skills to defend yourself? If the answer is no, maybe you should consider trying one of our self defense classes, so that answer can turn into a confident YES! 

Combat sports like the Ultimate Fighting Championship has helped to weed out some of the phony martial arts that provide a false sense of security and don't work in a real fight.  But there are still many places that teach techniques for sports and rules rather than real Self Defense for the streets.  MMA training, blends grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with striking arts such as kickboxing and has become a must for anyone who is serious about fighting or defending themselves. One dimensional martial artists are getting left behind by well rounded fighters who can defend themselves in any position. 

At The Foundation Training Center in Littleton, your safety on the streets, where your life is on the line is our main priority, but we also provide high quality MMA training for all experience levels.  We have programs available for men, women and children.  For both the competitive fighter and for the casual martial artist.  Our Instructors have a wealth of MMA experience and have a passion for sharing the arts.  Come in for a free week of classes and see for yourself!

Coach Justin (Left) Professor Rener Gracie (Middle) Coach Shane (Right)