If you are a little bit confused at this point, you are not alone! Chemistry is a complex subject and The Periodic Table can be just as difficult to understand at first.  With that being said, I am confident that with only a fraction of time that standard education methods take, I can get anyone to an advanced level of Element and Chemistry Knowledge! If you are a member of The Foundation Training Center and interested in learning more about The Periodic Table of Elements and studying Genesis of the Bible, please contact me at JCthefoundation@yahoo.com. Wish you all the very best! God bless


Head Coach Justin Colburn


The Genesis Creation is a method of education that I have developed to help people learn about the extremely important Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry using the scripture of Genesis in The Bible to outline the material. If you don't already know, the Periodic Law, AKA, The Periodic Table of Elements, is the Foundation of ALL science. It is the most important reference and compilation of Element information used for Chemistry on the planet.  And in case you haven't heard, Chemistry literally is the language of Creation.Chemistry is bigger than any laboratory because every process in the Universe is simply Atoms and Elements working together making connections, forming bonds and developing relationships. What can only be described by science as random processes with no driving Intelligence, I propose a different answer. God created with purpose, Genesis is Gods Word and the science that is accepted around the world proves it!

All careers in the fields of science, chemistry, engineering, Quantum Mechanics and so much more, rely heavily on understanding the Elements and information contained within the Periodic Table. So as an alternative to the failing secular method of education currently taught in our public schools, this provides students with easy to follow context, which will ultimately help them better retain the information being taught. I believe this method will prove far more effective and help cut back on confusion of complex subjects such as The Periodic Table of Elements, Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics. Most importantly it will help bring people hope, faith in God and get people to open their Bibles.

Below are a few samples from this method of Element Education using the scripture of Genesis.