Building from the ground up...


The fact of the matter is, you can be the best Martial Artist or competitor in the world, but the greatest impact you will make will come from your ability to pass on your knowledge.  The influence you have as a Teacher will be more important than any other fight or technique that you know.  Great fighters come and go.  They are replaced by new fighters each generation.  But great teachers are not easily forgotten and their impact can be felt for hundreds or even thousands of years.  Great Teachers can change the world!

At The Foundation Training Center we will be using the building theme to attach information and concepts to images, using a technique called memory association. This is a technique often used by people who appear to have photographic memories to increase learning capacity. Our system is based on the principle of strength at the foundation and building your mind and body into a strong temple for your Spirit.  So, why the triangles and pyramid? What is significant about these shapes?

Strength in Structure

The pyramid and triangle is a symbol of a strength in structure. No building quite has the same strength as a mountain. There is also a reason why ancient pyramids still stand today while other buildings have crumbled to the ground. This program is based on this principle of strength at the foundation with an emphasis on the fundamental and universal concepts first, then building to the pinnacle of your potential with more specific techniques. People tend to learn most effectively by learning general information and universal concepts first, and learning specific techniques for specific situations later.

The Level Martial Arts System and ranking will be based on technical drilling, repetition and the ability to demonstrate techniques and explain concepts according to your level. This ranking system is designed to provide you with organization and clarity so you can set goals then work to achieve them.  Each level provides direction and is to be used as a guide of where to focus the majority of your energy when practicing techniques.  If everyone started training at the same time, had the same schedule and committed to the same program, we would all be able to stay on the same page and we could all stick to the same curriculum.  Unfortunately, that is not how the business model works, so everyone will have to take it upon themselves to focus on different aspects of the same techniques, according to their individual level.    

The level and ranking system is designed to compliment the traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt ranking system, not replace it.  We will have Gi classes available and we will also promote our members using the traditional BJJ belt ranking system according to Gracie Barra standards. The Foundation ranking system is simply designed to provide more organization, give clarity to our members and allow them to set specific goals and work to achieve them.

The traditional belt ranking system in my experience provides very little clarity to students, which often leaves members feeling lost or as if they are being treated unfairly.  There is no universal governing body in Jiu-Jitsu that requires certain techniques or concepts to be taught at each belt level.  If you were to go into a Jiu-Jitsu school and ask, "what do I need to know and do to be a purple belt?", the typical answer will be, 3-5 years of training. But time is relative and some people can get a lot more work done in 3-5 years than others. 

Some people learn better by reading and writing, others learn better by doing and watching, and everyone learns at different rates.  Time alone does not give members the ability to set goals and track improvements. At The Foundation Training Center we will be providing members with essential information in black and white. Then by tying concepts and principles to visual models, in a technique called memory association, our goal is to teach our members in the most effective way possible so they can retain the information and apply it to all areas of their lives.

The image pictured above represents the first 4 levels of a unique Ranking System and Hierarchy. Sticking with the building theme, each individual triangle represents a level and a section of curriculum and information within the system.

Again, we will start with very broad and universal concepts that can always be applied to life and self-defense, and then build on those concepts with more specific techniques as students demonstrate a good understanding of the concepts and the ability to perform them.

Always building skills and learning like the pyramid! From the broad Foundation of universal principles to the narrow pinnacle of specific techniques and situations. What is at your foundation and what does your temple look like?

What about BJJ belt ranking and Gi classes?

Distance, balance, leverage, weight distribution, angles and position are just a few of the universal principles of this system, that can be applied to many other areas of your life.

Effective Self-Defense

They are essential, key components to effective Self-defense, but they are also vital to running a business as well. These are principles that can be applied in your relationships, school, athletics and to life in general. Our motto is "Building a Way of Life", and we mean it!

You will come to find that there is far more value in learning effective self-defense than simply learning how to fight. By combining these simple concepts and several other universal principles with a basic knowledge of human body mechanics, eventually you will see how similar life is to Self-Defense.

By learning how to apply these concepts to immediate threats, it will show you that anything is possible with proper timing and technique. Any problem you have faced, someone else has faced something similar and defeated it.
Effective Self-Defense is the pinnacle of problem solving when words fail.

Levels of Rank

The four Levels are as follows, starting from the bottom left of the triangle,

  • Level 1 - (The New Stone)
  • Level 2 - (The Cornerstone)
  • Level 3 - (The Mortar)
  • Level 4 - (The Capstone)
  • Level 5 - (The Teacher)

The 5th Level pictured on the right is the combination of all levels, at which you will become a Teacher yourself.  To reach this level you must complete the Instructors program and internship which is designed specifically for this purpose.